New  Build

This project involves an existing timber framed barn which had previously been granted consent to convert to residential but was allowed to elapse. When seeking to reinstate the consent the condition of the had deteriorated to the extent that it was not deemed capable of conversion without wholesale reconstruction & demolition.

Subsequent attempts by others to pursue a new build contemporary replacement of the barn had not been well received.
The client then approached Hawkes and we set about the design process in our usual rigorous way, developing an architectural narrative which sought to retain the formal relationship the barn had among the buildings within the farmstead cluster. From the public realm the form would appear understated and maintaining appropriate hierarchical relationships between buildings.

From the rear, south, the barn searches for more daylight through a simple sculptural intervention with the barn’s extensive roof form. The roof is cut & peeled back to afford a first floor living area within the roof space a view across the adjoining field and providing the ability to harness valuable passive solar gains from the winter sun.

A small linked annex building provides some additional accommodation to make the barn function as a family home for the clients who have been residing in temporary accommodation on the site in the form of two converted shipping containers.

The proposals were welcomed by The Design Review Panel and the scheme is incorporating comments from the panel prior to submitting an application in the next couple of months.

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