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Para 84 / 139 (Formerly Para 55 / 131)

Shew Valley

A design exercise, for an exceptional 10,000 square foot dwelling on a sloping site in an Area of Outstanding Beauty (AONB).

New Build

An inspirational, sustainable, energy efficient family home

Designed to be located within an existing loose knit settlement this new dwelling would be visually separated by a tree belt that extended down an expansive hillside.

The visual context of this proposal explores the language of various other agricultural buildings in the area.

The Paragraph 139 (Para 134) scheme had gained full support from The Design Review Panel and was originally submitted under the paragraph 55 policy.

In the time of the application and subsequent appeal, the policy context changed through issuing of the Braintree decision. This decision provide some new, long overdue, context to the principle of isolation.

This case has become a principle case study for the principle of isolation. In this case the site was not deemed to be isolated so the “high bar” of paragraph 79 came down to a newly introduced design policy, NPPF paragraph 134 which requires designs to, “fit in with the overall form and layout of their surroundings”. This scheme provides a very helpful case study to these policy principles despite it having been conceived and submitted under an earlier version of the countryside policy.

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