Replacement  Dwelling

Plans have been submitted to Maidstone Borough Council for a new community building to replace an existing church hall on an interesting corner site in Maidstone.

The existing building addresses the corner approach well but fails to engage with adjacent buildings and leaves much of the site unusable and largely wasted. Our proposals have sought to provide many more facilities; a large meeting hall, teaching & meeting rooms, a kitchen & open foyer style cafe while also retaining ample off street parking and a more useable garden space.

The architecture has developed from some of the ingredients found in the rhythm of gables found on adjacent terraced housing. This new building has sought to integrate harmoniously into the streetscene while being identifiable as a public community hub. Despite the sloping topography, level access throughout the ground floor has been provided. The facade treatment also takes cues from the adjacent housing but with adjustments in material finish, scale and a contemporary refinement of detail. The plans have been welcomed by Maidstone Borough Council and it is hoped that planning consent will be granted later in the Spring.

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