Para 55  New Build

An innovative 6,500²ft development in the Metropolitan Green Belt and High Weald AONB. This Para 55 project also represents the first consent of its kind within the borough of Tandridge District Council.

This project was originally submitted under PPS7 but was heard at Appeal shortly after the introduction of the NPPF.
The Appeal was allowed and so this project was the very first Para 55 house to be granted consent. It was also therefore the first para 55 project within a Green Belt and AONB.

The house and its associated outbuildings are conceived as a well mannered re-ordering of building forms which draw reference from the form and layout characteristics of the adjacent stable buildings. The striking form and material treatment associate with simple large format agricultural buildings that frequent the wider landscape.

Proposed to consolidate a commercial stud farm this is an exceptionally efficient low carbon family home, having achieved a staggering SAP score of 121 (92+ = “A” and 100+ = ‘Zero carbon’.

The landscape enhancements included reestablishing former tree lined shaws, consolidating sporadic development on the former stud and stitching the 109 acre site back into the wider Green Belt and AONB setting.

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