Para 80 planning for former RAF airbase submitted

Recently submitted for planning, a Paragraph 80 house on a former RAF airbase. The design takes cues from the mosquito aircraft, which flew from this base.

The existing concrete ground cover from the site will be crushed and recycled in Gabion cages as retaining walls. Flying above the landscape, the building will be fully wheelchair accessible from the lift in the central 'watchtower' core and smart space-saving devices built into the curved 'fuselages' will allow the house to make the most of this narrow site. Externally, the 'fuselages' will be clad in blue and green shades of pre-patinated malleable copper, the colour gradient referencing the building's transition from ground to sky. Elements such as the tension cables, louvres and storage tanks reference details from the wider aviation industry. The proposal includes significant landscape enhancements including a reed-bed filtration system, and a comprehensive new planting and SUDs strategy by Squires Young.

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