Para 80 Application To Be Submitted

We have just received final images of our ambitious Paragraph 80 (Para 80) house on a 23 hectare site on the outskirts of Cambridge and are about to submit the application for planning. Working with Bidwells, this project involves the significant enhancement of a vast 23 hectare grassland landscape into a variety of rick and valuable habitats to complement and expand the habitats of the adjacent SSSI.

Many inspiring and innovative permaculture strategies developed with the inspiration input of Bruce Kirk from Green Curves Design. The house itself has benefitted from a series of independent design reviews and much valuable input from the team at Mesh Energy. Thanks too to many associated consultants & specialists who've helped to pull this amazing scheme together. A central pillar to the design proposals is the precious resource of water and how the site can capture, cleanse, distribute, utilise, sustain and recycle water. The orientation of the sun and the social dynamics of the inhabitants have helped develop a house which stitches sensitively into its setting and provides flexible adaptable accommodation for its inhabitants.

Private and communal space is explored through a series of individually adaptable bedroom wings, "petals" which all connect to a central living, dining, cooking and entertaining space from which a full appreciation of the various landscape characters can be appreciated. Various sophisticated techniques have been developed with the help of Mesh Energy to manage the dynamic seasonal use of the house. Various locally distinctive materials, crafts & trades have been incorporated into the proposals to in still a strong Sense of Place.

This is a complex multi-layered project which addresses and challenges myriad contemporary environmental & architectural subjects. Of all the PPS 7, Paragraph 55 and paragraph 79 schemes we have been involved with over a 13 year period this project brings the most ambitious landscape enhancement strategy to date. Hopefully the planning process will be able to proceed smoothly as the scheme has been developed very closely with the LPA from the outset.

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