Para 80  New Build

Hawkes Architecture were approached by the client who had been pursuing a paragraph 80 scheme with another architect but failed to secure support despite various presentations to independent design review panels.

We started the whole design process again from scratch, working with a new landscape architect, DLA landscape architecture. Following a Landscape & Visual appraisal and having investigated the opportunities presented by the site we began to develop an entirely new set of proposals on an entirely different part of the site.

The principle landscape design objectives include the enhancement and regeneration of a Brook that runs through the site which includes various habitat enhancement opportunities.
A new discreet access to the lower part of the site is formed, preserving the higher open ground from infringement.

The architectural proposals have developed within a natural hollow within the site which provides a tranquil haven away from a busy elevated road. The architectural form provides a continuation of the hollow form to further enhance its sense of tranquility and enjoyment of the Lilley Brook.

The arrival experience up to the house & hollow a gently curving elevated single storey building soars above, revealing the significant change in topography within this valley and arrival beneath this elevated building, into the hollow, with a glimpsed framed view up the valley and towards the Lilley Brook.

The arrival level entrance hall is circular in plan and centrally located between two distinct parts of the house, each enjoying entirely different qualities reflecting their function and location within the hollow.

Within the circular entrance hall you are presented with 2 staircases. A wide, light staircase flooded with daylight ascends to the elevated living accommodation which enjoys commanding “Prospect” views over the hollow, up the valley and across the tree lined Dingle & Lilley Brook.

The other staircase is narrower, as if carved into the ground, descending down into the quiet “Refuge” of a gently barrel vaulted library snug and from here access to bedrooms which all enjoy framed intimate views of the Lilley Brook from the base of the hollow.

The proposals are still under development and have benefited from extensive engagement with The South West Design Review Panel and pre-application engagement with officers at Cheltenham Borough Council.

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