Lake House (Para 79) Foundations

Covid may have delayed the start of works on site but we’re delighted to be underway. Thanks to the efforts of Engineers HRW we’ve adopted a linear strip foundation beneath a suspended raft slab on highly plastic clay. This solution minimises the volume of concrete to reduce embodied energy. A high cement replacement spec. is also used to further reduce carbon.

We’ll try & share many other innovative construction techniques we’ve been refining over the years as the build progresses. Lots of simple but clever techniques to reduce carbon, improve airtightness and hygroscopicity, reduce or wherever possible eliminate steelwork, increase accuracy, reduce frame deflection, reduce road miles, sequesting waste streams and efficient deployment of technical & biological nutrients (a Cradle to Cradle term for the uninitiated) among myriad other joined up thinking aspects addressed in a HAWKES architecture paragraph 79 build.

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