Exterior of Hertford Gardens (Para 79). Designed by Hawkes Architecture, this energy efficient grand design, follows passive house principles.

Para 79  New Build

Nestled within a network of woodland copses lies a walled garden to a former long since demolished country house. This site is unusual in being divided into three linear “rooms” contained by its perimeter wall. A design narrative developed which explores the linear organisation of spaces & functions within the walls at ground level and contrasting this with the orientational freedom that exists above & beyond the confines of the walls. The expressive first floor functions branch off from trunks which anchor these spaces through to the ground floor below. With each of the three walled garden rooms playing distinctly different functional roles, the design creates a rich tapestry of spaces, views & moments in each space and at each level. This bold & playful design works very hard to provide carefully considered relationships between each space for its busy and ambitious occupants. A nearby public footpath offers a brief glimpse of an exciting and innovative response to a secluded and under-utilised working garden to the former country estate.

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