Para 80  New Build

The narrative for this project is driven by a somewhat informal walled garden which is draped onto an undulating orchard landscape tapestry. Views into the walled garden from the footpath network reveal a space which never explored its desired purpose. Constructed just prior to WW1 the former glasshouse structures that adorned the walled garden soon fell into disrepair and were later dismantled, leaving little evidence of their existence.

Our design narrative explores the asymmetrical informality of this space, seeking to integrate a home within the walled garden without overwhelming the openness of the garden and presence of the remaining potting shed building attached to the wall. Our Paragraph 80 (Para 80) proposals explore the distinct rhythms of the surrounding orchards. A rhythm of cascading roofs is created which sets up a relationship with the existing building and the wall. This helps set up an intimate series of spaces & moments from which views within and beyond the wall can be enjoyed.

The general openness of the space is maintained from long distance views into the walled garden, continuing to reveal the existing potting shed and maintaining a discreet informality to the setting.

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