Other Projects

In addition to our specialism of 'NPPF Para 55' design, Hawkes Architecture has great experience across many areas of architecture. These services are in direct response to the needs, aims and ambitions of our clients and the site they wish to develop.

Many factors come into play when wishing to develop a property, size, location, local planning policy and not all projects need the justification of a 'Para 55' response. Below you will find a selection of our favourite projects that have been built under different planning conditions, including an interior re-design, a 140 property eco-development and a landscaped terrace in the AONB.


Sustainable New Builds

We focus on creating new buildings that have a sound understanding of all technical aspects of sustainability.

Self Build

Our previous experiences can give you vital help and guide you through the maze of your own self-build project.


Whether you are redesigning, renovating or extending we can provide you with a wealth of information that will make the next step in the process far less daunting.

Home Remodeling

We can provide a unique architectural design service specialising in external remodelling and extending impractical houses into beautiful family homes.

Something Else?

We are interested in all aspects of architecture and sustainable building design. If you’ve got a project that you'd like to discuss with us, please get in-touch: enquire@hawkesarchitecture.co.uk

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